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Amazing work culture, best technical expertise, fantastic colleagues and everyday there is a new challenge : these are a few of the many things that make GRL one of the best companies to work for. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at GRL right from being an Intern to currently a Staff Engineer. Choosing GRL to be the first company to start my career at was a no-brainer.

Rajesh Mundruppady
Staff Engineer
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I’m honored to join such an excellent company. Working for GRL gives me the opportunity to learn the most cutting edge technical knowledge, meet various challenges and find solutions to overcome difficulties as a team. Working for GRL is like working with a loving family and it has been a great experience for me.

Amy Peng
Sales Manager
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For me, GRL is like a treasure game. Approach it with curiosity and diligence and you will find your treasure. Let’s work hard and play hard!

judy chan
Judy Chan
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The best life is lead working with a group people, there is a vision, steady steps and a clear dream when you look up! I am honored to join GRL and have this wonderful life!

Creda Man
Sr. Engineering
  • 操作先进的讯号产生仪、示波器、VNA和逻辑分析仪
  • 设置并执行高速SERDES电性PVT特性分析测量,以支援新产品的发展
  • 设置并执行协议层、相容性和功能性测试
  • 记录并分析测试资料以完成完成测试报告
  • 支援测试自动化产品的开发与验证
  • 在电气工程、资讯工程、计算机科学、物理学或相关学科领域取得学术成就。
  • 对于相关技术、测试过程和设备技术有很大的兴趣。
  • 加分选项:拥有上述测试设备的实验室经验。
  • 加分选项:拥有程式编辑相关知识,如C/C++, Python、LabView、Matlab和其他语言。
  • 熟悉Microsoft Office产品,尤其是Word和Excel。
  • 拥有良好的人际关系,学习能力好。
  • 拥有良好的组织能力、正直和职业道德。
  • AP可与资深专业人士一起工作。
  • 可同时面对多个新技术且具有挑战性的高速讯号规范。
  • 学习接待客户和专案管理技巧。
  • 以人为本,具有很大的学习和成长机会。
  • 具长期发展的工作潜力,有机会对不断成长的公司产生重大影响。

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